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Manchester & Liuzhou

This project is promoting partnerships between Manchester and Liuzhou cities and the Eden Project with Qingdao.

Liuzhou City agreed to acting as ‘demonstration centres’ for this project and to work together along the project’s partners to develop a contaminated land strategy for Liuzhou City. Project partners from China and UK visited Manchester Sports City Development Project and other urban development projects.   Manchester City Council will host the delegation of Liuzhou Municipal People’s Government in November 2015 to discuss and share experience on defining and developing contaminated land management strategy. The modern commercial and economic importance of both cities owes much to their industrial past. The industrial activity in the two cities has of course had a significant impact on the local environment. In particular it has left a legacy of potentially contaminated land at former industrial sites (i.e power plant, chemical works, iron and steel factory). In some cases significant risks from this contamination now have to be addressed to protect the health of all those who live and work in the Cities and to prevent damage to the environment.


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