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Profile of Liuzhou

Located in the mid of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region,Liuzhou, is also called Dragon-City, according to folklores of “eight dragons showed upon Liujiang River meandering around the city”. It’s also known as “Kettle-City” for its overlooking shape surrounded by Liujiang River. Liuzhou consists of six counties and four districts, covering an area of 18,600 square kilometers, with total population of 3.7794 million. By the end of 2013, the constructed urban district area reached 237.42 square kilometers. In 2014, the regional GDP realized 220.851 billion Yuan, accounting for 14% GNP of Guangxi, and the gross industrial output value was 441.986 billion Yuan, increased 10.3% over the past year.

Liuzhou belongs to subtropical monsoon climate, located in between the north latitude 23° 54′-26° 53′ and east longitude 108° 32′-110° 28’, , with rich vegetation and picturesque scenery. “Long history, innovative city, beautiful homeland and charming ethnic customs” characterizes the unique name card for Liuzhou. Liuzhou was built 2126 years ago, as early as 111 B.C. (the 6th year of Yuanding Reign, Han Dynasty). “Liujiang Man” discovered in Liuzhou in 1958 with 70,000-year history is the representative of China’s late homo sapiens. Since Tang Dynasty, Liuzhou has been renowned as a commercial port in Southwest China. It’s also a state level-A port, through which Guizhou province can be reached upward and Hong Kong and Macau can be arrived in downward. The Guizhou-Guangxi Railway, Hunan-Guangxi Railway and Panzhihua-Liuzhou Railway are intersected in Liuzhou, making Liuzhou the most important transportation hub in Southwest China. In 2004, Liuzhou was ranked as “one of the Best Commercial City in mainland China” by Forbes, and in 2013, Liuzhou was included in the layout city of national Level-B Logistics Park.


Bailian Cave Ancient Cultural Relic

From 1909 when the first company was established till now, Liuzhou has become a famous 100-year industrial city in Southwest China with the most beautiful scenery among China industrial cities. At present, Liuzhou has formulated a coordinated industrial layout with automobile, machinery and metallurgy as backbones, supplemented by both five competitive industries such as chemical industry, sugar-making, building materials, paper-making and daily chemicals and four emerging industries as new energy & environmental protection, electromechanical integration, new materials and biopharmaceuticals. In 2010, over one million automobiles were produced in Liuzhou and 2.14 million in 2014, which made the city rank No. 3 in China cities. China Top Four Auto Groups had already established branches in Liuzhou, including Shanghai General Motors Wuling Corporation, Dongfeng Liuzhou Motor Co., Ltd., FAW Jiefang Liuzhou Special Automotive Co., Ltd., and Sinotruck Liuzhou Yunli Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.

Bailian Cave

The main vehicle brands and models are Baojun SUV 560, car 730 and 630, mini-car SPARK and Wuling mini-vans from SGMW, SUV JOYEAR S560 and medium-tonnage trucks from Dongfeng, Large-tonnage trucks and special trucks from Sinotruck. In 2014, the sales of Liuzhou mini-vans and MPVs consecutively kept leading position in domestic market. The famous Liugong construction machinery is produced by Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., whose large wheel loaders’ market share constantly leads Top One in China market in 2015. Guangxi Liuzhou Iron & Steel (Group) Company, located in the north of Liuzhou, is the biggest iron & steel group in South China and Southwest of China, with the production of 11.39 million-ton in 2014. In addition, Liuzhou manufactures plenty of China branded products: LIANGMIANZHEN (radix zanthoxyli plant) Toothpaste, Golden Throat Lozenges, Huahong Pharmaceutical Industry, etc.” During ”the Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, under the leadership of CPC municipal committee and municipal government, based on the implementation of seven-upgrading plan, Liuzhou people decide to first realize the goal of a well-off society within Guangxi, building up a scientific, transformative, harmonious and all-round development Liuzhou, a new Liuzhou with beautiful landscape, environment, image and harmony to constantly meet people’s new expectation of ” everyone has good development, every family has good security, each one has a good body and good mood everyday”.

Industry is the soul of Liuzhou, representing the past, the present and the future. Profound historical culture and rapid industrial economy development inspire Liuzhou people a kind of “Pioneer Spirits”, seeking development from the “Liuzhou Manufacturing” to ” Liuzhou Smart Manufacturing”. It has realized economic transformation and upgrading by means of intelligent control technology, 3D printing technology and high-performance new materials technology as breakthrough. From spacecraft to the Antarctic expedition equipments, from marine superpower permanent magnet synchronous motor to artificial mica …etc., Liuzhou has created many world-leading products. By the end of 2014, Liuzhou had been in possession of 145 national high-tech enterprises, 3 national high-tech industrial bases (Liuzhou National High-tech Industrial Base of Construction Machinery, Liuzhou National High-tech Industrialization Advanced Manufacturing Base for Prestressed Tensile Machine, National New Materials Industrialization Base), a national engineering technology center, 4 national innovative enterprises and pilot enterprises, 8 postdoctoral workstations. Meanwhile, the ordinary Liuzhou people are keen on “Maker” lifestyle while enterprises and research units are carrying out technical innovation based on market demand. Nowadays, 14 Hacker Spaces have been built (invasive passenger space) in Liuzhou. Besides, incumbent technicians, retired people, school kids are actively applying for national patents. From 2011 to 2014, Liuzhou was authorized 5139 patents among 14,997 applications, 4 national and 30 regional intangible cultural heritages respectively, 8 China Famous Brands and 3 national-protected geographical indication products. In 2010, Liuzhou was entitled as “the Most Innovative City in China”.


Liuzhou makes great efforts to environmental protection in the process of economy development. From the mid 1980s to the mid 1990s, through the Sino-Japan cooperation and more than ten years’ hard work, Liuzhou had done a good job on acid rain control. At the beginning of 21st century, Liuzhou initiated large-scale environmental governance, with companies moving out of city into industrial parks and promoting clean production while implementing of “Three Wastes” (as industrial wastewater, waste gases and waste residues) treatment. Enterprises with heavy discharge such as Liuzhou Iron & Steel (Group) Company, Liuzhou Chemical Industry Co., Ltd, Liuzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd, Guangxi Yufeng Group(the previous Yufeng Cement Manufactory) took measures on desulfurization and denitrification, recycling SO2 to make (NH4)2SO3(ammonium sulfite), dust and residues to make cement or building materials after harmless treatment. From 2000, Liuzhou started on city sewage treatment and construction of affiliated pipe network. For over ten years’ efforts, 9 sewage treatment plants and more than 200- kilometer pipe network have been built up in Liuzhou to intercept waste water. The centralized sewage treatment ratio has now been increased to above 91%, life garbage treatment rate reached 100% and urban green coverage rate reached 45.7%. On April 15, 2015, Liuzhou published and implemented “Liuzhou Air Pollution Control Action Plan”, focusing on prevention of inhalable particulate matter (PM10) pollution, aiming to reduce the annual PM10 concentration by 10% in 2017 compared to 2012. For the harmonious development of economy and environmental protection, Liuzhou people have been making unremitting efforts to ensure the strong industrial development and effective ecological environment protection, making the beautiful scenery as depicted in poems “Layers of trees shelter the views from the remote, Liujiang River is meandering around the city” and “A river circles the city with thousands of hills standing up around” be preserved forever. Clean Liujiang River whose quality keeps above the national water standard circles around the city and shapes Liuzhou into a unique natural bonsai in the world. The world famous Formula One U.I.M World Championship has been hosting for many years in Liuzhou for Liujiang River’s scenery.



F1 U.I.M World Championship in Downtown




Liuzhou Misty Rain in March (Wenhui Bridge, Central City)


Liuzhou Misty Rain

Today’s Liuzhou attracts guests from all over the world with its beautiful landscape, profound historical & cultural heritage, good environment and unique ethnic customs. It was selected as “the Most Beautiful Industrial City in China”, “Top Ten Cleanest Cities in China”, “China Top Ten Beautiful Cities”, “China Excellent Tourist City”, “National Forrest City”, “China Characteristic Leisure City” and “China Best Leisure City”. Liuzhou is now becoming a historical & cultural city interpreting modern legend. Every March and April are the most beautiful time in Liuzhou, 150,000 redbud flowers, peach flowers and pear flowers blossoming, egrets dancing on the river, azaleas and camellias blooming on the ground. Pink flowers, green trees, beautiful mountains and blue sky dress up Liuzhou into a heaven fairy land. Walking through the pink-flower ocean every morning makes people feel extraordinary relaxed and joyful whilst full of warmth and hope.



Downtown Longtan Park in March

Downtown Longtan


Wantang Road in April

Wantang road

Moreover, Liuzhou is also highlighted with its unique ethnic minority customs. Here the Zhuang song, Yao dancing, Miao festivals and Dong Pavilion are known as ethnic minorities “Four Miracles “. The Chinese popular movie “Singing fairy- Liu Sanjie” in last century was adapted from Liuzhou Caidiao drama -national intangible cultural heritage. The Chengyang Fengyu Bridge in Sanjiang County (Liuzhou territory) is human wooden building fine art, and it was ranked as one of the World Top Ten Most Spectacular Bridge in 2008 by ABC (American Broadcasting Company).


Chengyang Fengyu Bridge in Sanjiang County


In addition, Liuzhou has been making great achievements for years on the whole people greening project with forest greening rate as of 64.9%. “Landscape gardens in the city, city in the landscape garden “. Green hills, clean waters and fantastic stones decorate Liuzhou into a “Stone City of China “. “Liuzhou fantastic stones are the best in the world” has reached the consensus among the stones circles worldwide. Liuzhou China Fantastic Stone Museum Collections gain reputations from home and abroad with their fabulous exhibitions.

Beautiful environment inspires Liuzhou people with positive spirits. Industrial Liuzhou warmly welcomes guests and friends from all over the world with beautiful gardens, innovative and open environment. Just like “Liujiang River admits waters from all sides for its broad capacity”, Liuzhou sincerely hopes its development and beautiful scenery can impress all of the visitors! Liuzhou appreciates all your support!



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