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Beijing Workshop, November 6th to 7th 2014

Last year, the PSI 14249-Sino-UK Land Management Global Partnership Fund programme initiated the first step to facilitate mutual learning and understanding on contaminated land management issues between China and the UK. As a result, UK’s best practice and excellence in heavy metal and petroleum hydrocarbons contaminated land management was publicised on Peoples’ Daily (the report of the workshop) and will be adopted by China Strategy on Science and Technology Development of Land Remediation and Heavy Metal Pollution Control later this year. Furthermore, the suggestion for enhancing Sino-UK Technical Cooperation in Soil Remediation Under the Background of Fast Urbanisation is being prepared by the experts of CECEP and CAS and will be reported to the related ministries (MEP, MoST, NDRC etc) through ‘Internal Reference’

Accelerating Sino-UK collaborative exchange in land remediation– towards sustainable land management for contaminated land

High Level Expert Workshop where the core team was established in the workshop. Also in order to achieve maximum transnational impact of the knowledge and expertise and to discuss it further, the core team of the PSI 14249 project assembled an international industrial advisory board (IAB) of respected and experienced individuals drawn from across a range of sectors including government, civil society, international bodies and academics who are the main beneficiaries and who will also help to support the proposed project, promote the findings and make sure the recommendations are taken up.

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