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The projects aim to:

  1. Enhancing Sino-UK policy convergence, technical co-operation and business opportunities in soil and groundwater management and remediation under rapid urbanisation (SPF15SU32)
  2. Promoting Sino-UK collaboration on developing low carbon and sustainable methodologies for Brownfields and marginal land reuse in China (SPF 16AG15)

Key Deliverables

    1. To inform China’s policy framing on contaminated land identification, determination, management and remediation through establishing multi stakeholders international partnerships and by mutual exchange experiences in contaminated land management between UK and China
    2. To establish demonstration centres to implement and provide supporting evidence of effective policy and practice by market analysis and liaising with cities/municipalities to create business opportunities for both China and UK
    3. To develop tools and resource guides to stakeholders involved in land remediation willing to engage in sustainable remediation implementation for renewable energy and carbon management applications
    4. To provide case studies and provide a vibrant and active knowledge transfer programme to raise awareness of sustainable remediation and ensure UK long-term impact on China’s environment-friendly urbanisation


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The report is intended to serve as a tool and resource guide to stakeholders involved in land remedi...

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Brownfield Opportunity Matrix (BOM tool version 1) – December 2016

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